The thief in my house

17 Jul

Okay, I know it is not a blue moon yet, but this is an emergency. I received a phone call from my eldest, Bianca, just after 5pm today, as I was leaving the office. Firstly, to remind me to draw cash, as she owes a friend’s mom (check, I did that this morning on the way to work). Secondly, to remind me to get dinner (like I need a reminder there…it has been hours since lunch). And thirdly to tell me that the dog food is finished. Now, she must have anticipated the outburst, as she immediately stopped me with “Wait mom” and told me that yesterday there was still quarter of a pack of dog food left and today it is finished. Unbelievable as it may seem. So…I have a dog food thief in my house. I am gonna have to check the one who doesn’t finish their vegetables tonight!

Honestly, I give up. I managed to finally get the girls on a weekly rotation plan to feed the dogs, but we constantly run out of food, because they cannot anticipate that the food is not going to last another week (or even another 2 days???). And so it goes with everything. The milk always runs out, the sugar, the margarine, you name it. And I have tried everything. Lists, asking, phoning home on my way to shops, everything other than checking myself all the time.

And I have limited time to shop. Weekends are extremely busy but always include a couple of trips to my old friend, Woolies. In the evenings, I can pop around the Woolies food market just off Linksfield off ramp on the way home (I have a 43km commute home). But a wayward trip to the local pet food shop (the dogs don’t eat supermarket food…far too fussy), a trip to PNP or the local stationer has to be planned in advance. Like days in advance.

What about online shopping, you ask? So, that’s exactly what I thought a couple of weeks ago. PNP online shopping. I have now moved to a new house and it appears that I can get delivery slots that I don’t need to book a week in advance. So, I made my list, logged in (after I had to do the whole password reminder thing), and set off shopping at my desk, in between checking the budget workings. After adding about 5 items (time consuming because I have to search for specific brands that I normally buy), I realise that there are only 2 items in my basket. Repeat. And then I realise the specific items I am looking for are out of stock. Like Twinsaver luxury tissues. Out of stock?? But I persevered and low and behold, after about 3 hours (I was working as well, sort of), I finally had a paid for shopping basket. I had to race against the clock at the end….after 3 hours the delivery slot expires. And delivery the next day. Woohoo!

Until I arrive home the next day to find the delivery slip. Only half the stuff was delivered. “Sorry, we are out of stock”. You gotta be kidding me??? That’s me for grocery home shopping for a while. Instead I will dutifully make a list and thank my lucky stars that the PNP hypermarket only closes at 7pm even if there are only 5 tills open after 5pm.

Now let me go do my motherly duties…a letter from school today, and I have to check for lice. And watch out for the dog food thief. Oh wait, I can relax, there is no dog food!!

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One response to “The thief in my house

  1. Susan

    July 18, 2012 at 7:37 am

    PnP Online Shopping works for me. It gets better with time, because then you can go to your previous shopping lists and just select from there. I buy long life milk once a month, and what gets short delivered I buy when a go to she shop for bread (only once a week, because I buy and freeze). I also complete my whole shopping list and only then go and select the delivery slot.


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