This is me…damnit!

13 Sep

After four weeks on a dating website, I have now made a few small observations (and some big ones), read hundreds of profiles, looked at probably thousands of pictures and I guess solely based on my own experiences, I realised it is all about first cyber impressions (yeah, I know I am a slow learner). Most guys are honest, caring, love to spoil the woman in their life…blah, blah, blah… So I am very tempted to completely change my profile (more particularly the section on why someone should get to know me). And, frankly I am also tempted to just delete the profile, but I have a three months’ subscription….

However, I suspect I may end up sounding like a snob or an opinionated babe-in-total-control-of-herself (B-I-T-C-H), so decided to do a trial run…

Why you should get to know me

Sorry to disappoint, but I am not an ordinary girl looking for an ordinary boy. I can write 100 words about how caring and fun loving I am and how I am just looking for a like minded guy out there who can share my passions for music, food, travelling etc. (which incidentally I do, but so does everyone else)

So I thought I would rather tell you what puts me off and also what potentially will put you off about me…!

I am an accountant, a bean counter, or if you prefer my modern version of the bean counter…a very expensive calculator. But before you stereotype me and put me in the corner with all the other grey suited accountants that you know…I think (and have been told) that I am not quite the typical accountant. Of course I have an analytical brain and an affinity for numbers, but I also have a passion for people.

When I say I love to laugh, I mean it…but I also have a bit of an odd sense of humour and if you are easily embarrassed by someone who will laugh out loud in a restaurant, causing other patrons to turn around and look, then I am maybe not for you. And I will shrivel up and die with someone who cannot see the bright side of life. Also, there is a distinct chance that once you meet some of my friends that some embarrassing stories about me will surface (despite all my threats). Me, embarrassing myself, is not a reflection on you…

I love food. I love eating out and I absolutely love cooking and entertaining. For most people who do not have the skinny gene (go ahead…Google it), this translates into ‘not a skinny girl’. That does not mean that I do not watch what I eat, and it also does not mean that you need to book two seats for me in a movie theatre, but when I say am curvaceous it means I have curves (in hopefully all the right places). But don’t worry, my BMI index is still in the upper-end-of-the-normal range. More importantly, I am comfortable with my body.

I am a bit of an intellectual snob who will always have at least a couple of books on my bedside table. I am one of those people who will spot all the spelling mistakes on notice boards. I grew up Afrikaans, so I am absolutely aware of the fact that I still make grammatical errors too…but when you say in your catch line that you are looking for a ‘pritty frame’ then I will skip over you, doesn’t matter how sexy you look!

I am 41 years old and there is nothing wrong with my female hormones. But like I told a guy who made a bit of an indecent proposal to me (after I said I was not interested in threesomes), I quite enjoy dessert, but prefer it after dinner.

I love music and if there is a dance floor and music playing, you will know where to find me. I don’t mind too much if you don’t want to dance with me all night, but if you are going to sit in a corner with an ‘act-your-age’ look on your face, then I am definitely not the one for you. Which reminds me that I actually don’t like to act my age. Sure, I can and will be responsible and I will never embarrass you at a formal dinner with your boss or new clients…I think I know when to let my hair down.

So, if you’re still reading and nodded your head a couple of times/smiled/chuckled…drop me a line and we can chat!

Yeah, I know, I might as well change my catch phrase to ‘Run, Forest, run’…will have to give it another shot…:-)


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3 responses to “This is me…damnit!

  1. Sue

    September 13, 2012 at 7:52 am

    Love it! So so honest and true! Let me know what happened!

    • jcmgertie

      September 13, 2012 at 8:01 am

      Oh Sue! I will never post that on a dating website…toned down a bit…maybe 🙂


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