Happy blogging birthday!

16 Jul

Believe it or not, it has been a year today, since I posted my first blog post!

buncee_clipart_birthday_06When I hit ‘publish’ for the first time, I have to admit that I did not know whether anyone would bother reading my ramblings. Of course, I knew that a few friends would read it, out of obligation or because of fear of never being invited to dinner at my house again…I don’t know. But I was overwhelmed with the response.

I re-read my very first blog post “Hello world” the other day and was surprised that the reasons I started the blog were just as valid a year after! Not too shabby, methinks!

It took a couple of posts before I started gathering views from strangers in the blogosphere. And likes. And followers. And my personal favourite, comments. I still get excited every time I get a comment on my blog. And I have taken a decision that I will answer every single comment!

I have also started reading many other blogs, and was amazed at the talent out there! From beautiful photo blogs, travelling blogs, humourous blogs, and blogs where people share their most innermost feelings, I have learnt so much, met so many, shared in so many stories. I feel privileged and blessed.

Over the last year, I noticed a trend. I still share my blog posts on my personal Facebook profile, and there are still quite a few Facebook views, but most of my views are now coming from followers and random WordPress users. It still surprises me when I open my stats and see views from faraway countries like Brunei Durassalam, Napal, Bolivia, Viet Nam, Jordan, Qatar.

I decided a little summary of my views, would be appropriate.

The Justcallmegertie map

The Justcallmegertie map: readers all scattered across the world!

Up to date, I have had (for me at least) a staggering 3,623 views.

Of course, most of the people who read my posts, are still from South Africa, but over the last few months, with the second most views coming from the UK, but over the last few months, I have been gathering views from the United States and Australia.

Top country views...

Top country views…

The most popular topics I have written about (according to the tags), are travel, Peru, Lima, kids, family, parenting, fitness (a wish list???), Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail and the Andes.

The known search terms are always interesting as well. The most popular search term was “perth skyline”, clearly referring to the picture I posted of the Perth Skyline from Tomkins Park (which was a picture I took, not one I stole off the interweb).

Other popular search terms are:

          • lost clipart or getting lost clipart (referring to my expedition in Edinburgh)
          • adventure clipart
          • scorpion and the frog (who would thing a rambling about an ex would bring me so many views)
          • grade 7 entrepreneurs day ideas (if you’re wondering, go for lemonade!)

And then the weird….single pretoria latino women to date with whatsapp contact details. People actually search things like that?

Or who got stuck in the middle of the great wall of china? Now, THAT would make an interesting blog post!

Or safe conversations with a women here have a glass of wine. Atta boy, please leave your name and number and I will phone you back!

And someone out there is even more optimistic than me, according to this search term…look sexy while visiting machu picchu end of march 2013. Sorry to disappoint, but there are not many people who can look sexy when hiking a 4 day trail in the Andes mountains, with only a bowl of warm water to wash in the evenings…

He will not be stuck in a corner...

He will not be stuck in a corner…

And to answer this question…did elton john play in stealers just a waste of time. He may have gotten stuck in the middle with someone, but FYI, Stealers Wheel is a band!

One of the most amazing things for me has been to come across people I know, and realising how posts resonated with people on different levels. I love it when someone say they can relate. After all is said and done, we are all human beings with the same insecurities, confidence issues, but also a need to laugh at ourselves (and others!).

And for me…this has been a fantastic experience, and opportunity to tell my stories, to share my fears and dreams, almost like keeping the diary I have never been able to maintain. And I am thankful for every view, comment, share or like.

My personal favourites have been my letter to Santa, my year of firsts and my posts about the Inca Trail.

So, I am wishing myself a very happy blogging birthday, and may there be many, many more to come!

Lots of cyber hugs!


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6 responses to “Happy blogging birthday!

  1. Eha

    July 16, 2013 at 7:56 am

    Warm congratulations and another comment from Australia 🙂 ! Methinks the first year must of necessity be the hardest . . . I still have to begin – with a full work day, studying, a lot of extra volunteer work and interests AND living rurally, it still has to come to pass . . . but people like you do give one impetus!! Loved your Andes posts . . . am looking forwards for what there is to come . . .

    • Justcallmegertie

      July 16, 2013 at 10:37 am

      Thank you, Eha! It has been a bit tough at times, especially when the ideas start running a bit low, and you feel like you have to come up with something. But it has also been quite rewarding! Love connecting to people all around the world like this!

  2. Rhonda Janse van Vuuren

    July 16, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    Well done. And all your blogs are worth reading:)

  3. Madoqua

    July 17, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Happy birthday – what a great milestone!
    I really enjoy your blog – thanks for your very delightful stories.
    PS you have inspired me to put together a bucket list (much to the amusement of my family and abundant comments about needing to win the lottery!!)

    • Justcallmegertie

      July 17, 2013 at 12:48 pm

      That’s fantastic! I love reading people’s bucket lists…it says so much about someone. Only thing is that it is a sure way to increase my list! Saw a blog the other day with permanent list, where she scratched out what she’s done already…


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