A Turkish delight! (part 1)

02 Aug

A secret…I’m not much of a computer whizz…but I guess you know that. And if you received my post about Istanbul via mail and clicked on the link, you would have gotten to a blank post!

For that, I apologise profusely! When you take your time to write a post, like I do, WordPress tends to post date when you started the draft and not when you actually publish it, so I thought I ‘fixed’ my post!

So, this is to all my email followers…enjoy!


Monday, 29 June 2015

After our extended layover in Cairo, in which time we managed to do a tour to the Pyramids, we finally arrived in Istanbul at 5:30pm on the Monday afternoon. Getting through the airport didn’t take too long, and we decided to take the Metro and tram to our Airbnb accommodation in Beyoğlu, in the new part of Istanbul. The tram took us through the Sultanhamet area (old area) of Istanbul and we were literally craning our necks to try and spot the first glimpses of the Hagia Sophia and other attractions. By 7:30pm we checked into our accommodation after a very eventful taxi ride from the tram station. It was clear that drivIng a car in Istanbul requires a LOT of patience and preferably a verA Turkish delight! (part 1)y small car!

Our room was fairly small, but clean and comfortable, and since we were in…

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