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Hello from the other side

Dear Reader

I know that you probably thought I’m forever lost to the blogging world, and in all honesty, I almost didn’t start this post. But ta-daa…here I am.

It has been a long and topsy-turvy 2016 and I’m not going to bore you with the comings and goings of a small family trying to come to grips with the end of an era, but some of the most significant things that happened in the last year were:

  • Pretoria at her prettiestIn December last year, after 22 years in Joburg, we moved to Pretoria. I grew up (for the most part) in Pretoria and studied here, but moved south when I got married. It has been a pleasant re-acquaintance, although I do feel like a stranger here. I have lost touch with friends from the Jacaranda City, but have marvelled at the beauty of this city, it’s lovely trees and gourmet hideaways.
  • But the main reason for moving here has also been a highlight. After 2 years of hostel living, Bianca was able to stay at home this year. I forgot how I missed our dining table laughs until you cry and cooking for more than 2 people. And I ended up cooking for 3 girls, after a friend of Bianca started boarding with us.
  • Which brings me to the next significant event this year. Bianca finished school. She turned 18 in May, aced her drivers licence, and finished school. If all goes well, she will be off to America next year for a gap year as an au pair.
  • And…Anya started high school at one of the most tradition-rich schools in Gauteng, Pretoria High School for Girls. But even this came with challenges as the school faced critisism from within of its hair policies and for a week in September the school and alleged racial practices were trending on social media. All in all it has been an interesting journey and if anything, has made me realise that my girls are fiercely against any sort of racism. The school is well on its way to recovery and I think will come out of this stronger and more united.

My gorgeous girl at her farewell

My gorgeous girl at her farewell

There were no overseas trips this year (yet), although we did do a lovely family road trip to the Eastern Cape and I’ve been meaning to still write a post about our Haga Haga visit, listing the top Things to do in Haga Haga, but alas I never got there. In all likelihood it could have been our last road trip together as a family, and I will treasure the memory.

Views of Haga Haga, Eastern Cape

Views of Haga Haga, Eastern Cape

And we do have a fabulous trip planned for the next 2 weeks, starting with an around the clock commuting trip this evening at the strike of midnight. We are off to Budapest, Krakow, Prague, Vienna and Amsterdam, with an action packed itinerary and lots of winter woollies, ready to brave the cold for beautiful memories!

Hiking at Golden Gate Nature Reserve

Hiking at Golden Gate Nature Reserve

So, I will see you in the new year and hope to have lots of wonderful memories to share!

I hope 2016 has treated you well and all the best for the new year!




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