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Happy sweet sixteen!

Today is Bianca’s 16th birthday! I can hardly believe it has been 16 years. And indeed, it has been 16 wonderful years.

She wants to get her own DSLR camera, and everyone is contributing towards this in lieu of a gift, but I wanted to do something special. So, I decided to write her a letter. And then to put the letter into a photo book. A photo book with pictures of her journey to date.

It has been a fabulous journey, and I couldn’t have been happier with the end result if I tried. I know it is no the end of the journey yet, and that the next couple of year, leading up to the magical 18th birthday will be challenging, but I think we have laid the right foundation and I am personally very excited to see how it all pans out.





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Is it May already??

????????????????????????????????????????Phew! I cannot believe how hectic these last couple of months have been. And as the oak trees in my street are slowly starting to shed their rusty autumn leaves and the early morning chill bite in the air gets more noticeable day by day, I realised that I have not written any posts on this blog in like forever!

I started a new job at the beginning of March and walked straight into the finalisation of the budget, followed up at a rather rapid speed by the year end. At the same time, I had to try and make sense of a very diverse group of people, some of whom have worked for the company since the landingĀ of Noah’s Ark, or so it seems. Mix this up with some young yuppie managers who have joined from ‘the outside’ and it makes for some interesting observations…

But, so far so good. I have been thrown in the deep side, but I am still swimming and a wee little more comfortably every day. Maybe one of these days I will be able to clear my ever growing to-do list?

On top of this, my almost 16-year old ballerina has been practising ferociously for a ballet exam and a ballet concert 2 weeks later (and worn through a pair of pointe shoes in the process, which we had to buy when my new cleaning lady decided to wash the old (dirty) pair).

And my handbag (which contents would have made an identity thief smile with glee) was stolen. But, believe it or not, it was returned to me by a Good Samaritan after the thieves dumped the bag (less my brand new iPhone, of course).

I do have something fabulous to look forward to, and I am sure that will interest you a lot more than the boring coming and goings of an accountant. Blah, blah, blah…

I am taking my girls on a trip to Italy in less than 2 months’ time!

Colusseum - Rome (image: Wikipedia)

Colosseum – Rome (image: Wikipedia)

It is not a long trip, but we are planning to jam pack it with exciting memories and experiences! In brief, we are spending 3 days in Rome, 1 day in Venice and another 3 days in Florence. And I am desperately trying to eat healthy to make space for all those delicious pizzas and mouth watering pasta dishes. I am making lists of movies I want to watch with the girls to give some ‘background flavour’. Whether we will be able to fit in much lounging in front of the TV in over the next month is another question altogether, but never say I didn’t have good intentions!

But, of course, nothing worth getting excited about doesn’t come with some pain and gee wiz, what a schlep the Schengen Visa application process has turned out to be. Travelling with kids as a single parent is clearly a huge risk for the authorities that be and my ex husband wanted to know if they have asked for a DNA sample as well, after having to do an affidavit, giving me permission to take them across the border. I even had to get letters from their schools. But that is all done and dusted and I should receive the last passport in my grubby hands tomorrow.

I have downloaded apps on my phone, guide books, have done research of tours, including walking tours and even checked out car rental prices (although I am pretty sure that I do NOT want to drive around on my own in a strange country where I cannot understand the language – and on the OTHER side of the road). But I have to explore all the options, not so? I have even downloaded an app that will teach me some basic lingo to help us get around Italy. Hopefully phrases like ‘Non riesco a trovare mio marito‘ will come in handy. It means ‘I don’t know where my husband is’, which is true in any event, and could provide some fun, I think?

But no jokes, we are seriously excited.

If you have any tips or must have visits (apart from all the normal touristy attractions), please let me know. I would love to get some personal recommendations!

Now, let me go and count the sleeps….



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